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Personal Training

Ever wish you could turn back the clock and reclaim your physical best? That’s exactly what happened when Jeanne Zapoticzny joined FYZICAL FITNESS.

“Personal Training with Scott Cole, at FYZICAL FITNESS, has had an amazing impact on my life.  A little over three years ago, I was referred to Scott by a physical therapist to continue to strengthen my back after an injury.  I was 5'3, weighed 184 lbs, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, was pre-diabetic and was wearing a size 18, ugh!

Upon meeting Scott, I was pretty clear I did not want to be pushed too hard in my workouts and I would decide how hard I was willing to work.  (I'm pretty sure Scott was wondering what he was getting himself into).  The reality was, I was feeling out of my comfort zone, a bit scared for my health, bad about my weight and my confidence was low.

Scott took a very focused approach to my training.  He always clearly explained what we would be doing, why and gaining buy-in from me each step of the way.  Through his positive coaching style and continuous reinforcement of each small accomplishment, my confidence was rebuilding, and I saw progress.  I truly began to love my workouts and increased them to twice a week.  I felt like I was back in control of my life.

Today, I weigh 128 lbs, wear a size 8 and I have been walking/jogging 25 miles a week for the last two years, and make sure I build personal training into my calendar and work-out three times a week.  As part of my job, I travel often and I make sure that I stay in hotels that have a gym.  I learned through Scott's continuous education and coaching how to build a healthy lifestyle, and that personal training has an effect much greater than I had imagined.  My blood pressure is down, cholesterol down and sugar is normal.  More importantly, I believe in myself,  I've regained my confidence and when I'm stressed instead of reaching for food, I go for the elliptical!! 

It’s always awesome when I haven’t seen someone for a while and they say “you look great”!   The best moment for me, however, was when my son told me how proud he was of me and how happy he is when he sees me run and play with my grandsons!”


If you are looking to make significant changes and faster progress, personal training might be for you. Professionally degreed or certified in exercise-related fields and accredited through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, our trainers are well qualified to help you set and achieve ambitious goals. They’ll educate and motivate anyone who is looking to enhance their workouts.

For more information regarding the benefits of personal training, please contact (239) 561-1177.