FYZICAL Fitness provides medically based fitness programs to help you expand your boundaries, revitalize your health and feel better.

The FYZICAL Difference

medically based fitness

FYZICAL is a medical and scientific-based therapy and fitness organization with a broad range of expertise. Founded in collaboration with a medical doctor, physiologists, licensed therapists and service business experts, we provide prescribed physical therapy and medically-based physical fitness. Yet we are much more than your typical physical therapy clinic.

Our goal at FYZICAL is to help you discover how to achieve the pinnacle of healthy living, expand your boundaries, feel younger and revitalize your health.



Fitness and wellness is the cornerstone of healthy living. Whether you are recovering from an injury, you want to improve your core strength and balance, or you simply want to get active to feel better, FYZICAL’s fitness and wellness programs can help you get where you want to be with an individualized one-on-one program.


BODYQ technology

At FYZICAL Fitness, you will receive a full body medical assessment. This assessment is called BodyQ.

BodyQ is an integrative testing program designed to address your movement, function, general health, vision, hearing, balance, recovery and all 5 components of your physical fitness: body composition, aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility.

At FYZICAL Fitness, we take this assessment one step further. Not only do we give you the complete analysis of your body, but we have one of our personal trainers develop a custom exercise plan based off of your results. Whether you have areas that could be prone to injury or areas that need improvement, our trainers will walk you through each exercise they prescribe and will make sure you are doing them correctly.

The BODYQ Assessment is for anyone looking to have a deeper understanding of their body and wants to take their health to a whole new level. Call us today to set up an appointment.


Each client will receive an overall BODYQ score as well as individual scores for specific areas of health.This allows the FYZICAL Therapist and trainers to customize improvement plans for our client’s unique goals.




Basic Health













Results that Matter

The assessment is conducted by one of our degreed fitness specialists and this evaluation gives us the data we need to create a safe and effective fitness program that is uniquely yours. If we identify any potential health risks, you will receive a free consultation with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy.